Consent to Participate in Research (Prototype testing) & Nondisclosure Agreement


Thank you for participating in user research and helping us solve problems for people like you. Your information is kept confidential and is used only for the purpose of the specific research study in which you are participating. 

Please complete the form below to show you understand and agree to participate in the research and how your information will be used and that you agree to the nondisclosure agreement.  Thank you.


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During this study, the products themselves, and the ideas and concepts regarding their features, appearance, usability, manufacture, marketing, use, and any other information you may receive about current or future products are proprietary and represent confidential information of the company sponsoring this research study. By signing below, you acknowledge that you are agreeing to keep everything you will see and hear during the user research session strictly confidential. That means that you will not communicate to anyone, including family members and close friends, any details about what you saw or heard in the user research session; and you will not use any information from the user research session in any way once the session is complete. If you agree to this, please attest to this statement: I agree to hold in confidence any and all technical or business information about the company and its product(s) which is disclosed, or made available to me directly or indirectly, or is information I may otherwise receive as a result of my participation in user research.
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