Consent to Participate in Research (AUDIO & SCREENSHARE INTERVIEW) & Nondisclosure Agreement


Thank you for participating in user research!  It's incredibly helpful and makes the world a better place by solving problems for people like you.

User research by its nature involves learning about people. The intention is to use this information only within the internal team of people responsible for the development of software tools, products or services that the study relates to.  Your data is never publicly shared and it's never associated with personal identifiers or identifiable information, and is always identified by an anonymous code. 

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Please complete the form below to show you understand and agree to participate in the research and how your information will be used.  If you have any questions at all please email  Thank you.

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These are all needed to ensure accuracy in the results and inform product development.
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Please consider allowing one or more of these, as they bring your experience to life for other team members and helps them better understand how to solve the problem for people like you. Your personal identifying information will not be associated with these materials.
Non-disclosure agreement: I agree to to hold in confidence any and all technical or business information about the company and its product(s) which is disclosed, or made available to me directly or indirectly, or is information I may otherwise receive as a result of my participation in this user research *