FAQs about Participating in Experience Research


1.  What's it like to participate in an experience research study?

It depends on the study.  Sometimes it's an interview, or sometimes it can be testing a product or performing other activities to help us understand how you think, how you want products to serve you and other research questions.  A lot of people find it quite fun to participate in user research, and sometimes they don't even want to stop once the session is over!

2. Why is it important to participate in user experience research?

We've probably all had the experience of using a software product, website or a product/service in the real world (DMV, anyone!?) that was hard to use, frustrating or just didn't take into account the human needs of the people using it.  Being a user research participant makes the world a better place, by allowing product designers learn about your needs and helping them focus on what's most important for users like YOU.

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3.  Why does it help you to record my interview or session?

The researcher is often not the same (or only) person strategizing or designing the solution.  When you allow us to share recordings and transcripts with other team members, it results in team alignment on a design that is much more deeply informed.   

In addition, a great deal of useful information can be realized in a later listening or in the context of other recorded sessions (for example, if participants are consistently using the same word to describe something).  In addition, it helps us be absolutely certain that the information is accurate and truly represents what each user told us.

4. Is my personal information kept confidential?

Yes.  Your personal information (identifying information) is not associated with your data (audio recordings, videos, transcripts).  In addition, your information is not used publicly and is used only by the internal team working on the UX research and development project.  We are interested in participants’ experiences in a given domain or product, not in gathering personal details or proprietary/company information.


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